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Maine Mesothelioma Treatment Centers

Maine Mesothelioma Treatment Centers

Maine: Mesothelioma Cancer and related diseases

From the end of the ’70s to the end of the’ 90s, about 400 people in Maine were killed by asbestos cancers, such as mesothelioma and asbestosis. Mesothelioma is a cancerous form that affects the lining of the heart, chest cavity or abdominal organs. Asbestosis is cancer-free, with a severe disease characterized by scarring of the lungs. Both of these conditions are caused almost exclusively by asbestos exposure that occurs when the invisible fibers of this toxin are blown up and then sucked or absorbed.

Where is the asbestos in Maine?

At least 84 different businesses and public buildings in Maine are listed as places where asbestos is a problem. These include schools, old and historic buildings (including the Worster House in Hallowell), warehouses, and – believe it or not – hospitals. Paper factories, power generation facilities, shipyards, military installations and iron foundries along Maine are known to be exposed to asbestos in addition to these potential areas of asbestos cancer exposure.

Maine Mesothelioma Treatment Centers
Maine Mesothelioma Treatment Centers

Maine Treatment Centers and Hospitals
Maine Medical Center Cancer Institute
100 Campus Driving
Scarborough, ME 04074

The Maine Medical Center Cancer Institute is one of the nation’s most renowned hospitals for all kinds of cancer care. Here, mesothelioma patients have access to the best treatment options and clinical research. The Maine Medical Center and the clinical team consisting of many community-based physicians specializing in advanced medical care include many top medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons and pathologists.

This center has a multidisciplinary approach to treating and curing cancer. Cancer specialists work closely with a team to plan and coordinate the treatment of the patient. This attracts attention to the patient and family in care and planning cancer care and improves the quality of life of the patient.

The Maine Medical Center cares more people who are diagnosed with cancer compared to any other facility in Maine. The Cancer Institute has been accredited by three highly respected national organizations that provide the highest quality of cancer care: American College of Surgeons (ACS) Cancer Commission, ACS National Accreditation Program for Breast Cancer Centers and American College of Radiology.

East Maine Medical Center Cancer Care
33 Whiting Hill Road
Brewer, ME 04412

East Maine Medical Center has highly experienced, experienced cancer doctors who specialize in all kinds of cancer treatments with cancer care, chemotherapy and radiation. Working closely with them is highly educated nurse practitioners, pharmacists, nurses, patient advocates and social workers. They all work as a single unit to develop a comprehensive cancer plan carefully tailored to the needs of each patient. If you are faced with cancer or are loved by cancer diagnosis, you should know that EMMC works hard to ensure the best possible cancer treatment in Maine.

EMMC has been fully accredited through the American College of Surgeons College – Cancer Commission. It is the only comprehensive Comprehensive Cancer Program recognized for exceptional success in Maine. This center is equipped with only the latest cancer treatment technology; They also have bright and sunlit treatment areas for their families to participate in their loved ones when they receive treatment.

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