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Mississippi Mesothelioma Treatment Centers

Mississippi Mesothelioma Treatment Centers

Unfortunately, thousands of workers and other Mississippi citizens have been exposed to asbestos cancer. Asbestos is widely used in Mississippi and throughout the United States due to its flame and heat resistance, durability, sound insulation, insulation and other valuable properties.

Asbestos industry may be good or harmful to people. Asbestos exposure can cause a serious and often fatal disease such as asbestosis symptoms, a non-cancerous lung disease and mesothelioma lung cancer. This cancer is difficult to manage and almost always fatal. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment of mesothelioma significantly affects one’s quality of life and duration. Mississippi mesothelioma treatment centers are the best places to look for such care.

Mississippi Asbestos Exposure

Major sites for exposure to asbestos in Mississippi include refineries, power plants and shipbuilding facilities. Construction, renovation and demolition are prime sources of exposure to asbestos. Asbestos can be found in more than 300 industrial products, with all areas ranging from roof to safety gear. This material is dangerous when particles invisible to the naked eye are blown up and then swallowed or inhaled by people in the area.

According to official medical sources, more than 600 citizens in Mississippi die from illnesses caused by exposure to asbestos. Seeking specialist treatment in a mesothelioma treatment center is the best way to identify such cases early and obtain the information and care you need.

Mississippi Mesothelioma Treatment Centers

University of Mississippi Medical Center
Mississippi Cancer Registry
2500 North State Street
Jackson, Mississippi 39216

Mississippi Mesothelioma Treatment Centers

Every day, all members of the MIssissippi Medical Center Cancer Institute work to defeat all forms of cancer. Whether or how cancer begins and grows or whether it helps a cancer patient deal with lung cancer, their aims are always the same to stop the cancer.

People working in this well-accepted cancer center personally deal with cancer because they have one of the highest cancer mortality rates in the US state of Mississippi. The overall cancer incidence is normal, but the mortality rate is much higher. For this reason, the staff of this Institute is working to ensure that more and more people are getting rid of cancer day by day. Mississippi has high mortality rates for lung, prostate and breast cancer.

The University of Mississippi Medical Center is recognized as the best cancer center in the region by US News and World Report. You should know that there is no better cancer research and treatment center in South America.

This cancer center is home to the ACT Tobacco Treatment, Education and Research program, which offers medication and counseling to help people stop smoking, the most important risk factor for lung cancer. About 90% of lung cancers are related to smoking.

This cancer institute also carries out cancer screenings for many types of cancer. Hope is to find many cancers that have a better chance of successful treatment. This cancer center was one of the first patients to offer low-dose CT lung cancer screenings for heavy smokers in the country.

For those who already have cancer, the center offers a number of aggressive cancer treatment plans through special cancer teams for the type of cancer. This means that for you surgeons, oncologists and radiologists often meet to discuss your case and determine the best way forward. Each cancer team offers you the best technology and treatment plans.

The State Cancer Center is the only person who offers cancer treatments, including bone marrow and stem cell transplant. The center is also working with 20 graduate students working on new clinical trials to stop the cancer. There are a few new lung cancer clinical trials that are currently accepting new patients.

Researchers are trying to find genetic links to help families here and are trying to find new cancer targets for new drugs.

Cancer researchers come from many departments in the hospital and the University of Mississippi, and they bring together information about all sciences to find the latest treatments for cancer.

The research mission in this cancer center is to create a dynamic environment in which new ideas for discovery will not only evolve but will be applied quickly and transformed into new and better ways to improve cancer.

There are four general areas of cancer research teams in this area:

Cancer genetics
Cancer epidemiology
Molecular cancer treatments
Tumor cell biology

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